About Us

Welcome to the world of Royal Sapphire International. We are committed to catering to our customers with the finest of jewellery, meeting the highest levels of value, quality, and service. Since our inception in 2004, we have constantly striven to maintain the highest of standards giving our customers supreme quality products. Starting off in what can be called a small-scale shop, we have grown to become one of the most trusted Sri Lankan jewellery retailers over the years winning the hearts of countless customers.

At Royal Sapphire International we consider each customer’s need as a unique request and ensure that we do our best to meet their needs. Our jewels are sourced locally which include a collection of extravagant sapphires, and other stones such as beryl, chrysoberyl, alexandrite, chrysoberyl cats eye, garnet, spinel, tourmaline, topaz, zircon and quartz. Sri Lankan gems have a rich history of over 2,500 years and are known the world over for their exceptional high quality. Our gems have donned the crowns of world famous royal families and it’s with that pride that we continue to take Ceylon gems to the global market.

Among those that have captured the hearts of many are the local blue sapphires and rubies famously known for their striking colour and great value. Each of our masterpieces has been carefully selected and thereafter crafted in such a way as to preserve the original colour, shape and texture of the gems by a group of well-skilled individuals. We are constantly engaged in research in the industry, a testament to our effort to continually enhance our standards. 

Our designer jewellery will captivate your heart whilst our warm service will make you feel comfortable with your diverse requests. While we invite your feedback, comments and inquiries we would also like you to browse through our selection of hand-crafted gems and jewellery.

We look forward to making you sparkle!